WILSON A2000 C.J. Wilson Baseball Pitcher Glove 12" RHT

Vendor: WILSON

Wilson spent decades working with MLB® players to refine the A2000® ball glove that has outperformed and outlasted all others for almost 60 years. This line is expertly constructed with ruggedly durable Pro Stock™ Leather to provide pro-level performance game after game. The result—a ball glove that breaks in perfectly for hardworking players everywhere. Show your style with C.J. Wilson’s Game Model Glove, the A2000 CJW GM. Made to C.J.’s specifications, this glove features navy Pro Stock™ leather with red accents to match his Los Angeles Angels uniform. The A2000 CJW GM features a Pro Laced T-Web to provide an enlarged pocket and maximum grip concealment while keeping the glove lighter than a traditional closed web model.