Team Stores

Log In to Team Account:

      1. Enter Account Login area by choosing one of the following ways;
        •  * [CLICK HERE] button at top of page in blue bar
        •  * Click [MY ACCOUNT] button at top of page in black bar
        •  * Select [TEAMS] option, then click [TEAM LOGIN CLICK HERE!]
      2. Enter the TEAM'S email address and password that was provided by Shively Sporting Goods.

      (Note: In order to have access to special team items, you must have the login information)

         3.   Your Teams Collection of items will be listed under [TEAMS] directly above slideshow, then click on your team (e.g. 'School' Basketball, 'School' Soccer)

        Adding Items to Cart from Team Collections:

          1. Select [TEAMS] directly above slideshow, then click on Your Teams Collections (e.g. 'School' Basketball OR 'School' Softball)
          2. All of Your Team products will be listed in your collection. You can purchase additional items as well, but only Your Team has access to Your Team Collection.
          3. When you find an item select Size, Color, then click [ADD TO CART]. This item will then go into your cart.

          (Note: To view your cart you can select [CART] at the top of the page at any time)

          Checking out items:

            1. Click [CHECKOUT] at top of page.
            2. Your Contact Email; IF YOU WANT CONFIRMATION EMAIL, you Must Change to Your Email.
            3. Review order and enter any special instructions.
            4. Billing Address; DO NOT CHANGE
            5. Shipping Address; items will be shipped to the school for FREE  SHIPPING
            6. Click [CONTINURE TO NEXT PAGE] towards the bottom of the page.
            7. SHIPPING METHOD; you must Select SCHOOL/TEAM DELIVERY - FREE from Dropdown list to get free delivery to your school.
            8. Click [COMPLETE MY PURCHASE] towards bottom of page to COMPLETE ORDER.
            9. Complete my purchase: Enter payment information
            10. Click [COMPLETE MY PURCHASE]

          (If you need to contact us immediately please contact us at (502) 448 7272)