80's Cards Revival

Posted on February 08, 2016 by Adam Flanders

Earlier this month Adidas rolled out two more sets of uniforms for the University of Louisville’s basketball program. Louisville have already worn the home whites, but tonight will wear the away black jerseys against Duke. These particular jerseys are from the 80’s era when Shively Sporting Goods used to manufacture the basketball program’s uniforms. So you could assume that these throwbacks are close to our hearts.

There was a time when uniform manufactures were local, and major sports brands did not make uniforms. To make sure a university’s sports brand partner was getting the publicity and uniform advertising agreed upon, local uniform makers would slap on the partners brand logo. This would happen even if the uniform was not made by that specific brand. Crazy to think about in a new era of multi million dollar manufacturing partnerships, between brands and universities. As a jersey manufacture during this era we saw 7 regular season conference titles, 6 conference  tourney titles, and 2 national titles in 1980 and 1986.

We are extremely proud that our company has gotten to be a part of such a prestigious piece of cards history. In honor of tonights game we decided to show off Lancaster Gordan’s original jersey from the 80's