Gloves in The Game

Posted on May 10, 2016 by Adam Flanders

Gloves in the game of football  haven't  always been in existence, if you ask the old school football coaches they would probably tell you that they prefer  not to have gloves, and they probably don't  help much if you have good hands you have good hands . Since this Trend started in the NFL in 2010, it has trickled  down to college football,  and then to the high school levels of the game, even down to the youth level. The fact of the matter is, the wide receiver  gloves are here to stay whether it gives players a better grip to catch balls, or maybe it is just a confidence that comes with wearing gloves that makes players think that they catch better , or maybe its the fashion  statement that “look good play good mentality” that has graced the new generations of players with the customized team graphics on the gloves that are a selling point in themselves .  Regardless, of the reason players wear gloves I'm sure we can speak for all coaches that if it makes their players play well they are all for it .

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